Work Observations From Oscar/Jimmy

I do observations at work from time to time.  And I think it is very interesting.  I think people when they talk, scream who they are and what they want.  Now it may not be that way when you are in the conversation, but if you will take yourself out and if you really listen  you will see what I mean.  I was in a meeting today where most of the people took turns saying what they knew for no business purpose.  The meeting could have been completed in 25 minutes, but because of this need to talk about things that do not matter, the meeting lasted a total of 50 minutes.  Now, there was some talk about personal things going on in their lives and that is fine, I mean after all, business is about relationships.  But the excessive chatter about what they know and the fact that they want YOU to know, that they know it, is fascinating.  If you close your eyes you can hear what these people are all about.  And hey, I am right there with them, in my mind.  I want to say something but then I realize that it does not add anything to our business meeting, so I bite my lip and keep my lips sealed.

Another thing that is interesting is when people have two phones.  One for business and one for personal.  Both the phones are out on the table during meetings and they are always checking both of them, I mean…is it really necessary.  Is there a business reason to have your business phone out when you are 100 feet from your desk?  And why do they even need it?  It is not like they are saving lives by having that phone with them.  I think that sometimes businesses go over board with IPADS, and IPHONES and everyone who is a manager has to HAVE one because they GET to have one.  Save some money and pass that money on to your customers or give them better service or something.

And one last thing that I have to say is about people who constantly talk about themselves.  I did this and I did that and I am going to do this and I am going to do that.  They have “operasingeritis”, me-me-me-me-meeeeee.  And they hardly ever ask about what you did and if that happens they quickly bring the conversation back to themselves, so obnoxious….Like i said these are merely my observations.

Maybe I am a little grouchy.


Observations - Oscar=Jimmy
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