Writing For What It Is Worth

I have been listening to this course that explains how to write.  Basically, you figure out how many hours  you have each day to write and then you write within those hours.  You try not to force it, you just write.  I have read other advice about writing as well.  One course says that you should just write and not worry about punctuation  or grammar and just write what you feel like writing about.  That is kind of hard for me as I like to go back and correct everything that i write, but i should stop doing that and let the creative juices flow.  Well, we will see how that goes.  Right now I am trying not to go back ad fix my writing and it is killing me.  But I guess we have to see if these guys know what they are talking about.

I visited the Costco way down south today and it was a little bit different than the Costco in North Austin and the one that is in cedar park.  First off the clientele is different.  They are a bit more wealthy than the peeps in the other areas.  So, the products are a bit more pricey than in the other places.  Some examples would include a higher price polo type shirt that was selling for 39.99,  I did not see these shirts in the other stores.  And another example would be Tommy Bahama shirts, they were in this store but not in the other.

Back to writing.  there is a function in WordPress that actually turns off all the distractions of the editor and just lets you write.  I am going to turn on this and see if it helps.  So now we are full screen and i am typing.  the dashboard has gone away, but everything else is there.  Kind of feels like a word processing software which i guess is what they were trying to do to help you write.

My object here is to try and write a little more than 300 words.  right now I have about 347, so I guess I met my goal.

What else did I do today.  Oh yes, I rearranged the closet in the spare bedroom.  It was driving me a bit crazy, so I fixed it.  It is more organized then what it was before.  And  I also hung up my shirts and folded all my other things.  So I am ready for the coming week.  I need to send my pants to the dry cleaners, and I will do that on Monday.

One more thing that I have done today was visit a new Starbucks (for me) on William Cannon.  I have gone past this store but not actually gone inside.  It is really nice.  I tried to take a picture but my camera in my laptop is not working.  Prolly needs an update.  But here is Google to help me out when I need help.  Writing in Starbucks

I know I look very pensive, like something big is going to happen here.  Believe nothing big is happening here, aside from the young girl wearing jorts with her ass cheeks hanging out.  Puhlease, stop doing that.  A man can only take so much cottage cheese.

I know…lies.

And that is me with my new haircut.  I am going to try and grow my hair out on top.  This is the second hair cut with the new strategy.  I hope I can stand it.

Well so much for writing today.  I am actually kind of tired of writing.  I have more to write about but I think 600 words is enough for today.

I will check back with you tomorrow for another at least 300 word effort.

Stay golden pony-boy!